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Reservation Guidelines for Ruth’s Place Restaurant

Ruth’s Place appreciates and values all its customers with the goal of providing Good Food, Good service and Great Dining experience. Our policies and guidelines were implemented as a means of providing equal and fair availability to everyone seeking reservations in the dining room.

A reservation has a 30-minute window for seating and requires that at least half of the guests be present in order to be seated. All guests must be present with then 30-minutes of initial time of the reservation. After 30
minutes no additional guests can be added to that party. If others arrive after that time they may be seated and
served but not with that party.


A reservation for groups requires a cancellation deposit to book the reservation that is non-refunded a must be
paid in advance to book and reserve that reservation. The deposit is refundable to the person booking the
reservation once the reservation is complete.


Fees and services are as follows:

  • No Reservations on Sundays

  • All parties or reservation of 6 or more the automatic 20% gratuity will be added.

  • Parties of 6-8 guests : No deposit required

  • Parties of 9-19 guests: $50.00 “No Show” non-refundable deposit to book the reservation.

  • Parties of 20-30 guests: $100.00 “No Show” non-refundable deposit to book the reservation.

  • Parties of 30 plus guests: Requires a selected served buffet menu and prior arrangements with a 50% deposit of the total cost arrangements made for that party.

  • The restaurant has a NO balloon policy due to the height of the ceiling.

  • No additional decorations i. e… tablecloths, chair covers or centerpieces.

  • A celebratory desert or cake is permitted but no other food or beverages make be brought into the restaurant.

  • All reservations are booked based on time and availability for accommodating the party.

  • Ruth’s Place reserves the right to refuse service

Please contact the Reservation Manager for additional information and to book your Ruth’s Place experience.

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